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At Columbia:                               

Introduction to circuits**

Circuit analysis

Signals and Systems I*

Signals and Systems II*

Electronic circuits

Digital Electronics

Digital electronics laboratory

Analog electronics laboratory**       

Circuits and Electronics II

Introduction to semiconductor devices

Introduction to communication systems

Digital integrated circuits

Analog integrated circuits*

Digital signal processors

Network theory II**

Metal‑Insulator‑Semiconductor devices

Advanced electronic circuits*

MOS Transistors*+

Analog circuits in MOS VLSI*

Seminar in electronic circuits*

Analog electronic circuits*+

Communication circuits*+

Introduction to Electrical Engineering*

MOS Transistors, MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Coursera, Spring 2013*+


At MIT.:

Analog MOS LSI design*


At UC Berkeley:

Electric Circuits+


At N.T.U. Athens: 

Analog Electronics (1983)        

Semiconductor circuits**

Design of analog VLSI circuits*

Telecommunication electronics* 



*New course developed.

**New course material developed.

+Taught on-camera; transmitted on video to off‑campus students.

Note: This book is in the process of being transferred from Wiley to Oxford University Press.

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