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Ph.D. Alumni and Their Dissertations

Yu Chen, “Digital signal processing with signal-derived timing: Analysis and implementation”, June 2017.


Ning Guo, “Investigation of energy-efficient hybrid analog/digital approximate computation in continuous time”, June 2017.

Sharvil Patil, “Energy-efficient time-based encoders and digital signal processors in continuous time”, June 2017.


Christos Vezyrtzis, “Continuous-Time and Companding Digital Signal Processors Using Adaptivity and Asynchronous Techniques”, December 2013.

Colin Weltin-Wu, “Design of low-power level-crossing ADCs”, December 2011.


Maria Kurchuk, “Signal encoding and digital signal processing in continuous time”, June 2011.


Ari Klein, “Externally LTI discrete-time systems with applications to companding digital signal processors”, December 2009.


Robert Schell, “Continuous-time digital signal processors: analysis and implementation”, January 2008.


Atsushi Yoshizawa, “Dynamically biased filters with high linearity”, September 2006.


Nebojsa Stanic, "Low-voltage RF integrated filters and communication circuits", January 2007.


Shaorui Li, "Integrated Q-enhanced LC filters with automatic tuning", June 2005.


Glenn Cowan, "A VLSI analog computer / math co-processor for a digital computer", June 2005.


Mehmet Ozgun, "Power management of integrated analog filters",  June 2005.


Sanjeev Ranganathan, "Discrete-time parametric amplification using MOSFETs", June 2004.


George Palaskas, “Syllabic companding filters with emphasis on wireless applications”, December 2002.


Nagendra Krishnapura, “Large dynamic range dynamically biased log domain filters”, September 2000.


Dandan Li, “Theory and design of active LC  filters on silicon”, June 2000.


Shanthi Pavan, “High frequency continuous time filters in digital CMOS processes", June 1999.


G. Efthivoulidis, “Fundamental noise and dynamic range limits in analog filters”, July 1998  (N.T.U. Athens).


S. Pipilos, “Microwave-frequency integrated filters in Si technology”, January 1996 (N.T.U. Athens).


K. Vavelidis, “Six-terminal MOS structures and their application in electronically-controlled resistors”, January 1996 (N.T.U. Athens).


S. Bouras, “Fuzzy logic microprocessors in VLSI technology”, January 1996 (N.T.U. Athens).


S. Srinagesh, "Reconfigurable analog VLSI neural networks," January 1991.


V. Gopinathan, "High frequency transconductance continuous‑time filters," October 1990.


L.‑J. Pu, "Theory and applications of MOS transistors as distributed circuit elements," May 1989.


K. Suyama, "Analysis, simulation, and application of linear and nonlinear switched‑capacitor and mixed switched‑capacitor/digital networks," January 1989.


J. Khoury, Realization of lumped and distributed integrated continuous‑time filters," May 1988.


D. Vallancourt, "Programmable analog integrated signal processors with transfer functions determined by timing," October 1987.


M. Bagheri, "Four‑terminal MOSFET modeling including nonquasistatic and moderate inversion effects," January 1986.


M. Banu, "Theory and design of linear integrated MOSFET‑capacitor continuous‑time filters," December 1983.


S.C. Fang, "Analysis, simulation and properties of switched capacitive networks," December 1982.

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